10 Must Try Street Foods in Seoul

If you go to Seoul, there are chicken satay and dumplings. Street food heaven, Seoul. Just like the sparrows that can't go through the grind, we've selected 10 must-eat street foods that will make you stop accidentally while walking down the street. This is a street food that you can taste in a relaxed way even alone, and is recommended for foreign friends who have visited Korea.

1. Leedae Chicken Skewers

Leedae Chicken Skewers

When you exit between Exit 2 and 3 of Ewha Women's Campus Station, you will see Yakitori Street. The chicken skewers at the food stall in front of the Ewha Women's Campus are unique. Above all, the sweetness is striking. You can adjust the spiciness of the yakitori at the food stalls in front of Ewha Womans University, but the spiciest is also sweet, reflecting the sweet taste of students. Other things, it feels different. Yakitori sold in any food stall is teriyaki or spicy. However, the yakitori stall in front of the Ewha Campus increased the variety of yakitori through intense competition for a long time. Curry, charcoal, and salt-roasted flavors are the basis, and they are marketed as side dishes like mushrooms, scallions, sweet pumpkin or sweet potato wedged in one of them. Exclusively, right in front of the special gate of Ewha Womans University, there is a chicken satay that is marketed with grilled Garaetteok which is chewy because it looks like rice cake and is big enough to eat. Chicken skewers start at 1,500 won.

2. Noryangjin Cube Steak

Noryangjin Cube Steak

Shin Kyung-rim wrote, "Don't you understand love because only you are poor?" Yes. Since you're only a high school student, don't you know that meat is delicious? A small shop at the end of Noryangjin Cupbap Street, where there are several gosi hamlets, is a "friendly" location where some with thin pockets can eat steak. Pork or beef cut into small pieces grilled on a metal plate, seasoned, and served with potato salad, perfect not only for street snacks, but as a side dish for honsul. Waiting time is not boring because the owner who grills the meat is really witty. Well, no matter how rude you are, you have to come to your senses and ask, "Please don't overcook." Otherwise, you can lose juice and eat tough, tough meat. Although the 150g amount of meat is quite annoying, it is served with potatoes and pumpkin, and is quite filling when consumed with rice. Based on 150g cube steak, chicken 3500 won, pork 3800 won, beef 4800 won.

3. Tongin Tteokbokki Market Oil

Tongin Tteokbokki Market Oil

Tongin Market in Seochon is popular for its fresh vegetables and fruits, and a variety of side dishes for rice. If you walk the arcade for 100m, you'll be salivating at the delicious food that's spread all over the rivers. One of them, the specialty of Tongin Market, oil tteokbokki, should not be missed. It is said that tteokbokki was originally consumed literally after it was cooked, another with tteokbokki nowadays when there is soup. Authentic grandmother's oil tteokbokki, which started at street vendors in 1956, are rice cakes tossed with red chili paste and red chili powder, placed in a hot oil-coated pan, and cooked on the spot. When you see a bright red tteokbokki through the oil, it excites the salivary glands to meet you with the tongue first. It's cooked in oil, until it's savory on the outside and smooth on the inside. The white tteokbokki, which is unseasoned with red, is famous. Making tteokbokki using a pot lid as a panorama that can be seen abroad. 3,000 won per plate.

4. Insa-dong Tarae Palace

Insa-dong Tarae Palace

"32 sheets, 64 sheets, 48 sheets ,… … 4096 sheets so 8192 sheets, the last 16384 sheets. If you follow this song from the streets of Insadong, you will find honey sticks that give off visuals like a bundle of thread and like a cocoon. The staff shows the process The manufacture of honey skein seems to remember orders, and foreign tourists keep pressing the camera shutter button. Tarae is a royal drink served to kings and dignitaries, and is made by fermenting honey and malt. It's like 'grandmother's hair', if you cut the threads do this regularly and put in a variety of nuts that are good for your body and roll it up, the roll is over. The reaction of foreign tourists who give a thumbs up is to put a skein in their mouth and shout 'Amazing~' interesting. You can enjoy various flavors such as peanut, almond and chocolate flavors depending on several ingredients in it.. If you consume it frozen in the refrigerator, the honey seal will break, and the taste is delicious. and the taste will multiply, making it even more delicious. 5,000 won per box of 10 pieces.

5. Myeongdong Potato Hot Dog

Insa-dong Tarae Palace

Potato hot dogs go by various names, such as 'Ugly Hot Dog', 'Goblin Bat', and 'Mandeuki Hot Dog'. This is one of the must try street food in Myeongdong. Called the 'ugly hot dog' because it looks a bit 'ugly' with french fries attached to the surface of the existing hot dog which is coated with sausage and fried flour, but the taste is savory but crunchy, good to be enjoyed as a small snack. . French fries, hot dogs and ketchup sprinkled on top of these three harmonies provide a 'visual shock' to many foreign tourists, adding to the exhilaration of peeling potatoes from the outside, making them truly a must-try food in Indonesia. Koreans do. It's roughly the size of two fists, but the relatively low price of 3,000 won is quite satisfactory, one 3,000 won.

6. Sinchon Little Gimbap

Sinchon Little Gimbap

The motel area from Sinchon to Ewha Womans University is called 'Sinchon's Bermuda Triangle' because lovers hesitate at the entrance of the alley and then suddenly disappear. The Sinchon Little Gimbap stand, known only to those in the know, is at the entrance of this alley. Among traders, the little gimbap here is famous by word of mouth. Inside the kimbap, which has no seaweed or rice, there are chunks of squid that are seasoned with a bright red color, and the comparison of the spicy sauce to the calamari and rice is exquisite. When you put it in your mouth, sweat runs down the back of your nose, but the inside of your mouth isn't too spicy. This is the devilish gimbap that fascinates the older sister who likes spicy food with lots of red chili and cheongyang tteokcho, and the editor who can't eat spicy food that makes the tteokbokki cup a little spicy. It's open from late afternoon to evening, and there are times when it's not, so it's safe to stop by if there's business to go nearby, 2,000 won per piece.

7. Gamegol Sonwang Dumplings Namdaemun Market

The most famous things at Namdaemun Market, where there is plenty of food, are Galchi Alley and Kalguksu Alley, which always make up the town of Munjeonseong. However, there is a place with a long line outside, and that is Gamegol's Handmade Dumplings, a must-have if you go to Namdaemun Market. When the dumplings don't come out, it opens, but when the dumplings start to come out, they line up in scary rows to pack them up. There are two basic types of dumplings, mild and spicy, as well as shrimp dumplings and rib-eye dumplings. The key to a delicious dumpling is the tender skin of the dumpling and the meat-free dumpling filling. In this case, Gamegol's handmade dumplings are the perfect dumpling. Steamed dumplings dipped in soy sauce are popular among foreign tourists because they are fun to eat. Be careful because greed can burn your tongue if you put it in your mouth beforehand. The packaging of dumplings is possible from 5 pieces, but from 10 pieces, they are packed in a neat box. 5 pieces 3500 won, 10 pieces 7000 won, 50 pieces 35,000 won.

8. Myeongdong Ice Cream 32cm

Myeongdong Ice Cream

If you go to Myeong-dong, you can see people with ice cream piled high, which makes even the audience uncomfortable. The length of this ice cream, which made my eyes go away on their own, is 32cm. 32 Parfait, known as 'the ice cream shop next to the police box', was the first restaurant in Korea to develop and sell ice cream with a length of 32 cm. You can choose one of six flavors, such as vanilla, chocolate, yogurt, mango, strawberry and green tea, and eat them in a 32cm cone, or choose three flavors and eat them in a cup. There are also flavors that combine the two flavors. The most popular flavor is a mixture of vanilla and chocolate. The low price of 2,000 won is satisfying, but the abundant amount that can't be seen no matter how much you eat is even more satisfying. When you eat them all, it gives you a sense of accomplishment that you have never experienced before. is it really 32cm? If you look down with suspicious eyes, you will get a big nose injury, so be careful. Cones 2,000 won, trophies 3,000 won.

9. Namdaemun Busan Seed Hotteok Market

Namdaemun Busan Seed Hotteok Market

Seed hotteok, a unique Busan specialty, can be sampled at Namdaemun Market, a food paradise in Seoul. Busan seed hotteok is made slightly differently, instead of sweet hotteok, which is the traditional style of baking flour with sugar or honey in oil. Nuts such as raisins, sunflower seeds, almonds, pumpkin seeds and peanuts are placed into a thick hotteok dough made from corn flour and baked in margarine. Not as sweet as hotteok as we know it, it's crunchy but salty. Hotteok is often referred to as 'street food for winter', and hotteok seeds can be tasted any time, summer or winter. If you don't like beans, there are Japchae Hotteok with Japchae at Hotteok, and Hotteok Red Sweet Glutinous Rice with sweet red beans and glutinous rice, so you can choose according to your taste. Seed hotteok 1,000 won, japchae hotteok 1,000 won, sweet glutinous red bean hotteok 1,500 won.

10. Dakgangjeong Mangwon Market

Dakgangjeong Mangwon Market

Unlike other dak gangjeong where sweet and spicy flavors are an option, dak gangjeong Q has strengthened its competitiveness with 7 flavored sauces, including fruit mustard and cheese. He became more popular when he was on TV shows. It's in the middle of Mangwon Market, and the cheapest 3,000 won cup is a good size to carry around at the market. One small cup 3,000 won, large cup 4,000 won, 1/2 7,000 won, one 10,000 won, two 17,000 won.

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