Indonesia Street Food in Yogyakarta, Best Street Food For Tour Guide

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We are in jogjakarta culinary hotspot on the island of java plus in this episode we are going to be showing you the best street foods around Jogja from morning until night we are going to cram as much possible into one episode to show you the Ultimate Guide to Jogja just street food so go get some breakfast you're at our first stop at you have to wake up super early to come here we woke up at 5:30 plus came straight to see this legendary stall there is a woman set up right on side of the street name famous for selling a traditional yoga snack called lupus plus she was made hardly famous because of the Netflix street food series visited her plus films her plus you can just see there is a massive crowd of people is only about 6 a.m. plus she's just getting things ready we grabbed a little number we have number 19 so we're just waiting lupus from Boston plus otherwise you're running the this is a simpel dish of only three ingredients plus I'm kind of wondering why everyone is waiting in line for so long when we first arrived we had number 40 but for some reason there was a woman who had been waiting but she needed to leave Bus number 19 plus I shaved off at least an hour of waiting so super grateful to her for giving it to us number 19 we have our lupus now it is simpel as I mentioned only breast rice cake sticky rice cake a little bit of coconut shavings plus then she trenches it in this thick Palm syrup so you can see just a simpel ingredients. Make sure I get a little bit of everything all that palm sugar as well call Papa call. It's phenomenal okay that clears up everything now I understand why everyone is waiting for this lupus I don't know what she's doing to that palm sugar a little bit of horse is nice plus sweet the coconut is refreshing plus then I sticky rice is completely melt-in-your-mouth such a simpel dish but if I lift Joker I would be waiting in line every single morning for this. Is just a fight from Heaven oh man this is the perfect breakfast for me I like my breakfast to be a little bit sweet plus this wow..

Going to waste because that is where the magic happens that palm sugar is its incredible she must be doing something special to them maybe the way she's cooking it down I'm not exactly sure what this is worth it completely coats your mouth flavors that was really good there's still a huge line in front of them definitely recommend trying it is a great way to start the day but it's not quite enough we're going to go get one more thing for breakfast our next breakfast item is getting down this little alley back alley here plus Jojo plus we're going for another sweet bun for breakfast Essentials Joker card a dish called serve with rice plus a few other things we have our order here so this is The Good Egg right here actually she didn't give us a whole lot of that but you can see that is the stood down Jackfruit little bit of that sauce on top plus then this is exactly sure what it is but it's like this plus I'm not totally sure what it is we have to try it find out that has stood egg of course that's such a cool setting once again just right on the side of the road plus really digemari banyak orang with the local so I got to get just some of the Jackfruit some of the rice plus some of that kind of curry sauce it was a big bone in their young like that plus they do it down in a particular way it really feels like tender meat almost I pull up her white sweet plus then coconut once again kind of similar flavor to move it but with the right of course it's a little bit more Savory than the lupus plus try some of this jelly thing here you guys know what this is let me know down in the comment box so far on our trip in Indonesia it's quite unique is it a really interesting texture it's so tender this is a super satisfying fish it's really simpel flavor just kind of coconutty all those ingredients so hang in there it's really hard eat great thing to have for breakfast plus then of course with the rice to there's a good little breakfast sweet plus savory the same time plus I love the spot to have it right on the side of the road definitely try goo day when you come to Jojo as the quintessential dish of the city in this video as possible starting to keep going for a lot of attractions nature plus in particular a couple temples but that's not what this videos about this video is all of us have food here in Georgia plus we've driven out to the countryside you have additional fungu Lele this is the spot we are looking for this local woman is guiding us to the spot plus this is supposed to be particularly spicy.

Sitting here is gorgeous very rural feeling they've got a couple of pets go to your as well plus now we just come to check out the smoking station where they're smoking all those catfish there must be at least eighty to a hundred away invited us right into the kitchen as soon as we got here everything is going on in there cooking on wood fire red chillies for chili, Chili's yellow chillies plus that is the face that we're having which is the mongoose right over here plus it's a catfish dish in a soup of very very spicy broth plus those catfish have actually been smoked plus want to get cookie on Fire play fire so cool when you arrive you come right back to the kitchen where you're going to serve yourself some of the dishes they have rice back here plus a few pre-cooked meals as well as that men were going to assemble a bowl right now to the restaurant we have a couple of things first cucumbers of course the catfish they are skewered plus smoke a little bit of rice I'm a little bit intimidated by the amount of spice on this on the inside even though it looks like it's been you can see. And then the bones are quite small so you can actually eat most of them get a couple steroids plus some greens here with this B 2 simpel cooking it in a really unique give me a couple minutes also has tons of Chili's as well who that is hot search Whole Food is just bursting with flavor spicy once again that little bit of missing from that permitted slavery coming from the Tempe plus then some lemon Enos from definitely starting to build look at that I didn't even notice but actually left the stick still on the inside of the catfish be removed little bit of skin not a whole lot of meat on these guys but wow releasing space because I'm pretty much finished. 

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